Dave Baldwin is currently living in the breathtakingly gorgeous mountains of Southern Oregon. Here he has deepened his exploration into nature-based photography and connecting with the land.


Dave became fascinated with photography at a young age, and appreciates it for its never-ending challenges and the creative expression it offers. He started working professionally in the field in 2003.


His work has appeared in publications such as Southern Oregon Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Ashland Locals Guide, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and Slug. Dave’s photographs have also been featured on business’ websites, social media accounts and postcards.


Dave’s ready to go out into any environment and will devote creative energy and solutions-oriented thinking to get the images that fit clients’ needs. He specializes in portraiture, commercial, sport and landscape photography. He is always expanding his photography skills, and enjoys working in different settings.


When not out photographing, Dave is an organic farmer with experience in crop production and animal husbandry. He stays active skateboarding and unicycling, and likes to design and sew clothing and accessories.